The M.U.G (MINOTAUR URBAN GEAR) flagship store, where the apparel brand MINOTAUR has proposed a product line for "for a comfortable modern life."
Yoshida Kaban Porter (PORTER) co-produced bag items, Regal (REGAL) and Moon Star (MOONSTAR) collaborative shoes, etc. A space where you can feel.
A roadside store on the first floor of a newly built three-storey building near the Meguro River within walking distance from Nakameguro Station.
The concept is "Japanese confectionery" as a symbol of the store space where you can feel Japan.
A glass showcase of about 3 meters is placed at the entrance, and three wall shelves for displays are installed in the back. In order to insist on a functional and simple product, the floor is made of existing concrete and the walls are painted white on the body.
Along with joint products with Japanese brands, the ceiling is a Japanese-style room with a calm space that is made of solid wood to keep the height down so that you can feel the presence of Japan.


Direction Eiichi Izumi
Architects TANK (Yuki Shibata) + SUNA (Shun Suzuki)
Construction TANK (Shibata, Hamasaki)
Photo Kenta Hasegawa
Construction Period 17 October – 12 November, 2016
Area 48.72㎡
Location Aobadai, Meguro-ku, Tokyo